Startup Help: How do you cope with your first failure in business?

How do you know you can trust an investor? What’s the best way to grow your business? How do you recruit the right people or balance work and family life?

We music Africa Awake will focus on the big questions that African entrepreneurs are asking — from how to source investment, skills and advice, to how to turn failure into opportunity and how to cope with the stress of running a start-up.

We are crowd sourcing opinion from across the continent and the diaspora so share your experiences with us using the hashtag. Every week, your answers will be published alongside inside and advice from a successful entrepreneur from the continent.

This week we start with this: How do you cope with your first failure in business?

In the comment threads below, on Facebook, let us know what advice and practical action helped you get back in the game after an idea or venture failed. Do provide your name and location with your comment. If you have a business question, share that also and your question could be featured on Start-up Helpdesk.


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