Namibian Government Endorses #KORA2016 All-Africa Awards

According to Music Africa Awake Reporter

This communication serves to inform that the government of Namibia, represented principally by the Ministry of Environment & Tourism, and in collaboration with the Ministries of Education, Arts & Culture and information and Communication Technology have entered into a partnership with the KORAAII-Africa Music Awards, the African continent’s first and premier award ceremony in the musical arts.

The Awards Ceremony is set to take place on the 20th of March 2016, and will form part of the country’s annual National Day celebrations.

This partnership is largely informed by government’s belief that the creative industries play a key role in contributing to the economy and in doing so, furthering the poverty alleviation agenda through tourism, the cultural arts and the creative industries.

The KORA All-Africa Music Awards is structured and designed in the manner that speaks directly to this national imperative. As part of the process of delivering the event, it is our belief that the KORA will provide a strategic tourism drive, a job shadowing, skills transfer programme, a local procurement strategy, as well as an innovative revenue generating and local business support programme through music and telecom that dovetail perfectly with the nation’s economic development strategy.

These programmes are designed to ensure Namibian’s participation in this landmark event, and assure that the country’s tourism, ICT and art industries benefit directly from the events being hosted in Namibia. As such, we are pleased to endorse the KORAAII-Africa Music Awards and anticipate the positive impact it will have on Namibia’s creative economy.

It is our further belief that the KORA All-Africa Music Awards also represents a unique opportunity for public-private partnership to jointly collaborate in the delivery of a landmark event, and as such, encourage role-players in the private sector to explore partnership opportunities with the event.


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