Rwandan Music Beyond Borders, Says Michael Ross

According to Music Africa Awake Reporter

Michael Ross is a Uganda Musician, who started as a dancer at the age of eight. He released his first single “senorta” in 2002,the song won the award for best R and  B song in 2003 (pearl of Africa Music Awards). He has release so many other award wining songs. Michael Ross interview with our reporter about Rwanda music industry as compared to Uganda’s and the rest of the region, Michael said that Rwanda

music industry has got serious potential. I’ve had a chance to listen to Rwandan musicians like The Ben, Meddy, Urban Boys, Man Martin and Two4Real, among others, and I realized that they can do much better. However, the industry is still young; you can’t compare it to the countries which have been at this for 30years or more.

The only difference is that Rwandans stick to their heritage, if they can at least create their own kind of sound-music which is unique, use the international language to communicate to the international audience, I am sure that they’ll be able to compete on the global scene.


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