Lebo M gets down on one knee

According to Music Africa Awake Reporter:

The well-known couple have been in Cape Town with family on holiday where Lebo M arranged an exclusive‚ top-secret proposal with no expense spared for his elegant fiancée.

While at sea‚ Lebo M‚ who is world-renowned for arranging and performing the music for The Lion King movies and stage productions‚ got down on one knee and popped the question to a surprised and emotional Zoe.

“This was the first time ever I actually got to go down on one [knee]. In that moment‚ I knew this was the best decision‚” admitted Lebo M.

In classic style‚ Lebo M presented Zoe with a massive custom-designed diamond engagement ring‚ which has various beautiful symbolism and elements of the couple’s parallel journeys in life and work. The ring design is inspired by the song Circle of Life from The Lion King and the stage role formerly performed by Zoe Mthiyane‚ Sarabi‚ the partner of Mufasa‚ mother of Simba and the Queen of the Pride Lands.

Zoe‚ a singer‚ performer and actress has worked with Lebo M and collaborated with him on music and in Disney’s The Lion King South Africa from 2007. The lovebirds met once again in 2014 on official duty in Australia at the opening of the Lion King Melbourne. It truly seem to be a case of life imitating art and life coming full circle.

This marks the beginning of another exciting chapter for the couple‚ who welcomed their newly born daughter in July this year‚ fondly known as Princess Lulo.


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