Zimbabwe: Inside Soul Jah Love, Bounty Lisa’s Affair


According to Music Africa Awake Reporter:

Zimdancehall’s first family – Soul Musaka and Lynet Musenyi – popularly known as Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa in music circles are one of celebrity couples whose love has kept them going despite facing challenges.

The lovebirds who front the Conquering Family music stable say they met when things were tough, especially for Soul Jah Love who did not have anything to call his own except his music that he believes kept him going.

Bounty Lisa said she met Soul Jah Love through music and he has proved to be everything she has ever wanted in a man.

Soul Jah Love said they have been happily assisiting each other at home and at work over the years. But the musician could not say much because he is in pain after sustaining burns on his abdomen when he tried to fix his car last week.

“We met in 2013 through music and from the day I met him I knew he was the man for me. He started visiting me at my parents’ place in Kuwadzana and the relationship got stronger and stronger,” Bounty Lisa recalls.

“He used to talk to my dad when he visited me and he was so full of respect for my parents to an extent that they started to like him.

“When I decided to move in with him they were not even disappointed because they knew he was the right man for me,” she said.

The two got engaged in April 2014 at a massive engagement party which saw a number of Zimdancehall artistes performing at a show held at the Harare Gardens.

It was at the engagement party that Soul Jah Love announced that he was going to pay the bride price for the love of his life and also promised that a white wedding was to follow.

“It is true that Soul announced that he was going to pay the bride price for me and he surely fulfilled his words and paid the lobola sometime last year. On the issue of the wedding, we are on it and this year we will definitely tie the knot,” said Bounty Lisa.


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