DJ JUAN G. on Afrobeats, Digging for Records in Africa, and Zimbabwean Dancehall

According to music Africa Awake reporter:
The hunt for the perfect vinyl score is often an involved and lengthy process no matter where you are. But for DJ JUAN G., digging for records on a different continent has the potential to snowball into a year-long adventure filled with unexpected turns. In 2009, Juan Gomez, aka DJ JUAN G., went to South Africa to study photography, but ended up spending his time tracking down elusive records, learning about various local cultures, and even interviewing Ghanaian music legend Ebo Taylor.

Since returning from Africa a few years ago, he’s been running a blog called Digging4Gold where he shares West African records spanning from the well-known Afrobeat to smaller genres like makossa and soukous. He also puts on a party in Oakland at Au Lounge called Mondial Afrique, where lovers of African and Caribbean music can convene on dancefloors on Friday nights.


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