mayor kun drops his first video since signing to HKN gang


According to Music Africa Awake Reporter:

Not too long ago Mayor Kun was revealed as the latest talent to be sign under African superstar Davido’s HKN label. Before that he as another hopeful talent with a modest following, doing everything he could to get attention and support for his music. Of course his plan worked out and made it to the ears and eyes of David who immediately signed him.
Fast forward to April 2016 and you can see that Mayor Kun has already hit the ground running at the label. He celebrated his birthday on the Thursday (7 April) and released his first single a day later (with a video too, this kid doesn’t play!)
This week, Mayor Kun’s mother met with Davido for the first time to talk about her child’s future with HKN and to officially be welcomed into the family. They also held a birthday party for Mayor Kun ahead of the release of his single.

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