Majek Fashek Reggae singer freestyles during dinner with ex-backup singer

The legendary singer has fun freestyling at dinner with former backup singer Monica Swaida.


According to Music Africa Awake Reporter:

Majek Fashek was seen freestyling to one of his songs‘Love and Affection‘ during a dinner with Monica Omorodion Swaida, his former backup singer.

The U.S-based singer and actress says, “Majek kept on singing this song ‘Love and affection,but the odds were not on our sides to do this song. This is the collaboration! For me, it is good! Wouldn’t ask for more. It was worth my time.”

Majek made a comeback to the music scene after rehabilitation from alleged battling with drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

The reggae singer has made appearances at recent music events including Felabration 2015 and Afropolitan Vibes in December 2015.

Majek Fashek is revered as Nigeria’s greatest Reggae singer of all time.The gifted singer was the first Nigerian act to perform on the David Letterman show. No Nigerian singer has done this since then.Majek’s classic record ‘Send down the rain’ released in 1987 has a strong place in the history books.  Nigeria witnessed the highest amount of rainfall the same year. Blame it on coincidence or the potency of his singing powers but Majek Fashek became a legend after this.


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