Man arrested over Mombasa model Janet Adhiambo’s murder


According To Music Africa Awake reporter:

A man has been arrested in connection with  killing of Mombasa-based model Janet Adhiambo Asunah on 7th of June 2016.

The man detectives investigating the matter arrested on 10th of june is said to have been the deceased’s neighbour at the up-market Kizingo’s estate. The suspect is being held at an undisclosed location in Mombasa amid reports that police are looking for a second man who turned up at the Pandya Memorial Hospital on 11th of June, during the postmortem but later disappeared. The autopsy revealed she died from excessive bleeding after she was given a blow on the head with a blunt object. The suspect is said to have lived with his mother and siblings for years at the estate until early this year when they left him, apparently, after he attacked them. He is also alleged to have been found with illegal drugs and faced charges on the 13th of June.

“We are interrogating one man who we suspect may know something about the murder of Asunah. We found three big rolls of bhang in his house which is next to the house where the deceased lived with and her family. We are still recording statements and conducting investigations that could led to more arrests,” said Mombasa OCPD Lucas Ogara On the 12th of June. Janet’s killing has raised many questions, especially because the estate is believed to be safe being home to many senior police offices.Top police commanders also live about 300 metres away from this compound secured by fences, walls and protected by private guards during the day. Twenty-six-year-old Janet was a popular fashion model in Mombasa and her last function was on May 28 during the Pwani Fashion Week where she modeled for the Shadow Group.
The deceased’s mother Pamela Anyango Asunah said the autopsy also revealed her skull broke and blood spilled in the brains. Blood was oozing from the mouth, nose and ears. “She also had a blood clot in her wind pipe indicating she may have also been hit by a blunt object on the neck,” she said.

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