Check out British Nigerian designer: Lolu,

British Nigerian designer, Lolu, is mostly known for his exquisite shoes but he is actually a lot more stylish than you think. Here are five instances when Lolu gave us major smart-casual style inspiration:

Suite Up:

In this look, Lolu went for the most professional form of smart casual, in a super clean outfit. The outfit consisted of a white turtleneck, paired with a well tailored black pair of pants and a clean, fresh, wide lapel blazer. He finished off with black slip on loafers.

Ultimate smart-casual:

This is the ultimate smart casual look. This time Lolu goes all out in a dark blue crew neck shirt with buttons, tucked into a pair of slim fitted jeans. He finished his dapper look with a black blazer, black Hermes belt, gold wristwatch, pink pocket square and  a pair of black and red slip on loafers.

Almost trad:

This look shows that Lolu has such great range and variation. This look isn’t quite trad yet, it could pass for native attire, due to its fabric type and style. The light blue and white striped tunic and pant set looked great on him, paired with white double monk straps. He finished his look with a straw fedora hat.

Denim galore:

Most men don’t seem to know how to work the denim on denim look but in this case, Lolu pulls it off effortlessly. He pairs a denim button down, long sleeve shirt with a pair of fitted denim pants, with turned up hems. He finishes his look with a black leather belt, a pair of Adidas originals, brown leather briefcase and black sunglasses.

Casual number:

This reminds me of the super stylish dad. This look from Lolu included a light blue long sleeved shirt, featuring the number five on it, tucked into slim fitted denim pants, blue slip on loafers, featuring tassels and a black leather strap watch.


















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