COSOMA blamed for killing music career in Malawi


According to Music Africa Awake reporter:

The Copy right Association of Malawi (COSOMA) has been blamed for killing music talent in the country as it is failing to do its mandated job of regulating and monitoring music to prevent piracy in the country.Speaking during the Album launch preparations for Maria Nudwe in Karonga on 26 June 2016, the district music promoter.

Lytone Mangochi said the upcoming musicians are not benefiting from their career.

According to Mangochi, it is very unfortunate that people trend to access the copies of an album which is not on market.

He said, instead of the copy right body to prevent the malpractice, it is on the forefront encouraging it by giving temporary licenses allowing the bad behavior.

“We have been complaining to our body of the abuse of music by many people across the country to no avail,”

“Imagine about Nundwe’s album the fake copies are already on the market here in Karonga without the knowledge of the owner which is unfortunate,” worried Mangochi.

In her remarks, a 32 year old Maria Nundwe of Hewe village in the area of Traditional Authority Katumbi in Rumphi concurred with Mangochi saying “in our generation musicians are not benefiting in their talent hence the only option is doing live shows to have a little cash.”

“In my case since I launched the album in Mzuzu where am based, only 400 copies have been sold but my songs are everywhere including in different districts which is very worrisome yet we have the so called copy right body,” lamented Nudwe.

They then urge government to make laws which will restrict the malpractice.


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