Di’ja Singer needs to learn from Tiwa Savage to make her comeback


According to Music Africa Awake reporter:

Another year, another Mavin baby.

We have been here before. A Mavin Records singer who has the world looking up to her, takes a break from the game, in pursuit of personal gain. Motherhood is a blessing almost every woman on earth looks forward to, and in certain cultures, it is a necessity within the bounds of marriage.

It is an uber-necessity in Di’ja’s culture. And she has fulfilled it in style. Last year, the Mavin Records singer took time out to get married in style and secret to her lover Rotimi (surname not provided). She got pregnant, and made extra effort to shield it, and today it’s all out in the open. A new baby comes with its responsibility and demands, which would put Di’ja on a full-time job as a mother. She has 6 months or perhaps more to forge a bond with her child, and nurture him to a certain level, where she can rely on extra help while she frees herself for a return to her career.

And that’s where Tiwa Savage comes in. Tiwa has been here before. She has been through the paces, the wedding, the childbirth, had a miscarriage, and returned. She and Di’ja already share a bond of business, and friendship. But right now, there’s the opportunity to be more. Di’ja has the opportunity to forge a learning one from Tiwa Savage.

As the months go by, and the kid becomes more than a suckling, Di’ja will need to make a comeback, and where will she find inspiration and learning from? Tiwa Savage. Who would stand as a living example of how to re-introduce herself back into the game? Tiwa Savage. Who would guide her hands and help with the required strategic moves to launch her into the game? Tiwa Savage.

Di’Ja doesn’t necessarily need to have a “R.E.D” album to make the comeback. Her story is different, her branding isn’t aligned with Tiwa’s, neither is her standing in the music industry. But what she has so far, she needs to keep and improve on. It could be a single, might be a comeback event, or just a social media campaign to rebrand her, backed by a song.

What Tiwa offers is more visceral. When the days look bleak, and the work feels overwhelming for her, that’s where Tiwa Savage’s experience would shine. A kind word, a needed hug, a backpat, some advice which starts with “I have been there, Hadiza. If I can, you can…” It is this inspiration that creates the slim margin between despair and courage, between defeat and victory.

That’s what Di’ja will need help in the months to come. Tiwa Savage will have to be her pillar.


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