Mercy and Michelle Aigbe: Like mother, like daughter?

Mercy-and-daughterIn the past year, Nollywood diva and go-getting entrepreneur, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry has consciously tried to make us see her first daughter, Michelle, as a mini version of herself.

Already with a modelling deal at 15, Michelle is already walking the tightrope of being a celebrity, all thanks to Mercy’s relentless push of her teenage daughter as an ‘ebony supermodel.’

While the ultimate career agenda is yet unknown, what is it about Mercy, why she is adored as a celebrity and how does Michelle fit into all that.

Michelle the actress

Mercy-Aigbe-and-daughterMichelle could comfortably walk into her mother’s footsteps in the movie industry. This is very feasible, especially with her mother’s exploits in the make-believe industry.

 Mercy has featured in numerous Nollywood movies with several awards to boot. It is only expected that young Michelle springboards from this and kick-start a career in front of the bright lights.

Michelle the fashion slayer

Michelle-and-MThis is probably not up for debate for Michelle as she has already  got one foot in the modelling door. In 2015, she signed a modelling deal with Abbyke Domina‘s teen collections.

 And like her mother, she continues to slay!

Michelle the beauty business enthusiast

Mercy-and-MichelleMercy is known for her obsession with her beauty/fashion business, Mag Divas. Young Mimi could very well take after her mother in this regard.

 Michelle the exotic fun seeker
MichelleTrust Mercy never to miss an opportunity to turn her ‘swag’ on when she attends functions or treat herself to exotic outings/vacations.

 She is an ardent fun seeker and this would likely rub off on little Michelle (if it hasn’t already).

Michelle the mother



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