What’s next for Psquare after singer’s apology?


Peter Okoye has apologized.

(Peter Okoye’s full apology below;

My dear fans, P-Square is back. Ours is a journey that started from our mother’s womb. It was a journey that started from Primary School, continued to St. Murumba College, to when we were in University in Abuja. It was a journey in which we shared childhood memories and grown-up dreams. We are back because brothers do not let each other wander in the dark alone. We are back because we have tried the lonely road and it was not the same.

“I want to take responsibility for what has happened and sincerely apologise to you our fans. For supporting us throughout this journey we owed you so much more than what you have had to endure and I apologise for that. We are embarking now on a new journey with exciting new management (Jude Okoye), new music and new ideas.)

a decent and mildly emotional press release which had a quote from the great poet, Maya Angelou, and poor acting skills have brought the Psquare brand to another junction in their unstable relationship.

After the rigors of the past three months where everything has been upside down, and the fight from Squareville have raged and abated, there was a general sense of calm from the trio of Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye. That calm was briefly disrupted two weeks ago over a Congo concert that Paul made money from. But there was calm, and it was accepted. Fans were content to let things run as they have. Paul Okoye is trying to introduce two singers via his fledgling Rudeboy Records. Peter is working his ass off to put a shade of professionalism on his P-Classic Record label.

But now this. This apology is out in the open, and revisits what we have all dealt with and moved on. Psquare have had multiple fights in their careers, which have always found its way online. The climatic nature of the disagreements have had multiple secrets spilled and the bonds that have held the group destroyed. But the new apology and ownership of responsibility from Peter has started what will be a long process towards reconciliation.

What’s next for Psquare?

Psquare will have to work at new materials. This public apology is a result of what has gone down behind the scenes. All their problems have been resolved, and the twins can come back together under the management of Jude Okoye who has been reinstated as their manager. Under Jude, they would have to relaunch.

The only way Psquare can come back from the pit they have dug for themselves is to get back to why we all love them. They need to bring on a new single, and a grand video which would inspire dancing and happiness. That’s the only way they can return.

New questions remain over all the structures that they have put in place after the split. For Paul Okoye, not a lot will change. He has stuck to his gun with Jude, and kept up his act with his record label. Coming back under the guidance of his elder brother is not a big step. Jude never left, he stayed behind, and together they have begun to create a new life. Peter Okoye is the one who underwent a post-Jude transition, and set up management, operational and booking systems for a solo business. So far, those systems have been working. They have provided him with shows, helped him officially sign up Papii J Ameh, as an artiste, had him feature on a new song with Selebobo, and gotten him a Kia Motors endorsement deal. These setups for Peter will have to be disrupted to accommodate the return of Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye.

Then there’s also the thought of a new album. In 2014, when the duo had a nasty fight, they reunited and returned with the “Double Trouble” album. This time, they should come back with what is more than that. A new project will surely be the subject of discussion from the brothers. They might have lost the mystery needed for stars to appear larger than life, but the two-decade old love in the heart of the fans still remain to see them through. Perhaps they can milk that and channel it into buzz for their new project. Psquare will be fine.


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