guideline for tying the popular ‘Yoruba’ headtie “Gele”

‘Yoruba Geles’ are the perfect accessories with traditional modern looks.

The classic ‘iro and buba’, Ankara in different styles and more are styled glamorous for traditional events with ‘gele’ which can also be tied in different ways.


The ultimate ‘Yoruba’ party gele is slightly exaggerated with details (fan, clipped, layered etc) to make it stand out as well as complement the whole look/feel of the overall style. For skirt and blouses, gele are usually done in minimal size or extremely small but with ‘Iro and buba’ some ladies can decided to go with very big ‘gele style’ or a much more exaggerated look.

STEP 1:  Fold the gele fabric into half/equal parts                                                                          gele-tying-step-1

STEP 2: Fold in the edges straight across through the entire length of the gele fabric to help create neat edges                                                                                                                             gele-tying-step-2

STEP 3: Hold both sides tightly and wrap the gele from the back of the head.                     gele-tying-step-3

STEP 4: Bring both edges to meet in front, overlapping them over each other to form a ‘V’ shape.                                                                                                                                                    gele-tying-step-4

STEP 5: Proceed by wrapping in the preferred styles; fan, layered, ‘avant garde’ etc according to preferences.                                                                                                                                   gele-beautician-chic-2


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