periwinkle soup of Rivers State


There are two common types of small snails used and these are known as Periwinkles “Isam” (Igbo) and whelks “Mgbi (Bayelsa)”, “Ngoloo(igbo)”, “Ngongo (Calabar)”. Periwinkles are small greenish marine snails which are added to soups or stews. Whelks on the other hand have a milky white color and are slightly larger than periwinkles. They are quite popular in the eastern and southern parts of Nigeria. These snails mentioned are quite smaller than the large Land snails and are used in cooking soups like Afang soup, Okazi soup. Nsala soup e.t.c.

Adding small snails to Native Nigerian soups makes it a mouthwatering delight any day, any time. Infact the more condiments you add to Nigerian soups such as snails, the more value you add and the richer the soup becomes.


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