Nigeria male Barbie is inspiring people as more cross-dressers emerge

Nigerian male Barbie, Bobrisky has been an internet sensation in the last few months and it looks like his popularity is inspiring more cross-dressers to come out of hiding.

The first to emerge was Seun, a hairdresser who enjoys wearing make-up and pouting, Bobrisky-style, almost as much as your average woman.



In his words, ‘My name is Seun ‘The Diva’. I am a very good hair stylist and I want to own my own salon in future. This is how I have always been. But the truth is Bobrisky has made people like me bolder to be who we are, no shame. I know now people will talk. Now if people come for me, I’ll give it to them back. I don’t send. Live and let others live.’

Following in is wake is Bayo, a bolder guy who enjoys dressing in female clothes and striking sexy poses that even the most feminine female might not be able to pull off.

According to him, ‘To Be Yourself In a World That Is Constantly Trying To Make You Something Else Is The Greatest Accomplishment….(AmHotterDanYaGyalDem)okbye!’

‘I Can’t apologise for the person I choose to be….. I watch friends take a walk and doors bang shut in my face cause I am not the certain “fixed” being people expect me to be…#CrazyOutift #Ye m weird buh is it ya consign? # Baba if u want to be weird cum nd have it# hahahahahahah life z a biatch tho# …….Thank you I know m cute!!!!!!!’

Find his sexy photos below.



Bayo is a bold cross-dresser



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