Pryse Rapper floats new label “I.C.O.N” music

Pryse follows up the announcement of her departure from Chocolate City with an unveiling of own record label she names “I.C.O.N” music which stands for International Connection Music Group.


She goes on to make it clear that she parted ways with Chocolate City on good grounds with no misunderstanding whatsoever and she is grateful to the label for the opportunity given her to showcase her talent.

“It should be noted that Chocolate City Music and I ended our contract on a cordial relationship and there is no misunderstanding whatsoever between us. M.I, Audu and Paul started me on this journey and words can’t express my gratitude to them. Chocolate City will always be a part of my story. I wish every member of the CC family well in all their future endeavours.

I am ecstatic to take this next entrepreneurial step with my fans who have been so patient with me. It’s really just the beginning, guys. I’m yet to scratch the surface. Please continue to stay with me.

Pryse signed to Chocolate City in 2012 but didn’t deliver a full length album up until her exit from the label.


She drops Episode 8 of her Pryseless Freestyle series, which is a music video titled ‘Queen Kong’ featuring Eva Alordiah.



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