3 Dresses From Glitz Africa Fashion Week Joselyn Dumas Might Be Eyeing To Wear


Joselyn Dumas is Ghana’s red carpet sweetheart. She wears ‘made in Ghana’ labels on the red carpet and attends any red carpet event in the coolest looks (that onlookers find irresistible), which is why she remains loyal to her favorite brands. Speaking of the labels on top of her list, Joselyn knows the best designers that delivers what flatters her enviable figure. When the actress wants to standout, she chooses brands like Sima Brew, She by Bena and PISTIS Ghana. And when it comes to accessories, Joselyn also gives Ghanaian labels thumbs up. So in this case, there are few pieces she may be eyeing from the just concluded Glitz Africa Fashion Week runways.

We’re talking about simple pieces that are non dramatic, but exceptional, sophisticated with the right amount of glamour, and when worn with the right accessories could earn her major attention. Ahead, you’ll find 3 dresses from Glitz Africa Fashion Week that we think should have a spot in Joselyn Dumas’ wardrobe.

Gentric Styles




Lumiere Couture



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