Oskido’s son says his dad advised him to sign Maraza

Oskido’s son is following in his old man’s footsteps and has opened a record label. Oh, and you won’t believe who his first signing was.


Bass Mdlongwa recently launched the label Africa Lit and surprised fans by announcing that he had signed young rapper Maraza.

Speaking to Zkhiphani recently, Bass said that he was inspired by how his father helps artists to become a success, despite the difficulties they often face trying to break into the industry.

So, he tried to emulate that example when he approached Maraza with the idea of signing him.

“Maraza has been working hard for a very long time. After I heard Gwan and saw him perform at (Johannesburg nightclub) Cantare, we had a chat… I was like,’Yo, Man. Let’s link up. Let’s see what we can do’. I spoke to the old man (Oskido) and he was like ‘Actually, yah. People have been sleeping on him. He needs that boost. So we met him halfway”‘ Bass added.


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