Pullover Arena Entertainment

Pull over Arena is a full-fledged fun and hospitality outfit. We are inspired and driven by the desire to provide a best-in-class, fun and hospitality services for everyone that walks through our doors. From our humble beginning, we have grown to become a household name and the preferred choice for those seeking a place of relaxation, good food and fun at its best. We operate, Restaurant, Bar, Lounge, and Event center.

Our lounge
our outdoor bar

Pull over arena is the perfect place for all your celebration needs:

  1.  A date
  2.  After work drinks
  3.  Night out with friends
  4.  Family eats out
  5.  Get-together
  6.  Every other reason for celebration.

Pull over arena is the ideal venue for your wedding receptions, birthday parties, club/organization meetings/events, etc. Our VIP section is also available if you desire greater privacy and quiet moments.


Opposite St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Off Abule Ado Bus Stop, Lagos-Badagry Exp. Way, Lagos.

07010980926, 08033755641



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