Adama Amanda Ndiaye (Senegalese fashion designer)


Adama Amanda Ndiaye is a Senegalese fashion designer. she owns and operates  Adama Paris label. 
Ndiaye was born in Kinshasa, to Senegalese parents, then raised in Europe, where her parents were diplomats, she grew up among several international cities and face cosmopolitan ways she was able to forge her own style. Adama who lives between Paris and Dakar, is very influenced by the urban fashion.


After economics studies and a brief stint at the bank, She left her banking career in Europe to pursue fashion design, Adama devoted herself entirely to her passion and take fashion courses in Paris. She launched the brand Adama Paris and makes way with the fashion creation platform to promote its brand and that of other creators.

Adama is also the founder and producer of many fashion events such as Dakar Fashion Week for 14 years, Afrika Fashion Awards, which becomes the “Trophies of African Fashion” (TMA) and the Black Fashion Week Prague and Paris and Bahia Montreal since 2010. Adama and her team have also launched “fashion Africa channel” the first African television channel 100% mode in April 2014.


Her success with the media including CNN “African Voices” in April 2014, coverage of the World Magazine in May 2014; is a great asset for her fight for the promotion of the African woman. She also struggles to promote female entrepreneurship in Senegal and Africa, as well as fashion made in Africa for the world.

Her designs are inspired by cities and globalism. In an interview with Vogue Italia, she stated, “Much of my inspiration come from the big cities… My aim was and still is sharing with all modern women one fashion without borders.”

Ndaiye has noted that among many African nations, religious objections have made designers unable to practice their profession. She credits the generally tolerant culture of Senegal for providing a supportive environment. She has also spoken out, with other African designers, for increased funding and access to credit from governments in order to foster innovation and job creation in the fashion industry.


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