Oluwatobi Akintoye (fashion designer)


Oluwatobi Akintoye began her career as a tailor, but because of her humble beginning, passion for fashion and drive to be successful, this helped facilitate her rise through the ranks, first as a tailor and now as a designer. In her sojourn into the beautiful world of fashion, she had the opportunity to be mentored by the likes of (Mai Atafo, Lanre Da Silva). while learning to be a designer TOBI acknowledge education to be very paramount and so studies GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING side -by-side in the school of 1st choice university of Lagos. All this gave birth to the brand T16 world of Fashion. She specialises in woman clothing. The brand is an effortless, timeless and wearable Line that reflects the kind of woman she is herself, which is strong, bold, fun, unique and fearless. TOBI hopes to be an inspiration to the younger generation behind her in the nearest future.


15 Emerging Fashion Designers In Nigeria.clipular.png


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