C-Palms “Nigeria”


On the border between Kaura District and Galadimawa, the C-Palms Gardens combines luxury and exclusivity, in a delightful, exotic, understated manner. The Garden and resort with something for everyone; with exotic plants & trees brought in from different countries with its Live Band area,  Sports club house, restaurants & bars, and cafe.

At C-Palms

Nature heightens the senses, giving guests an increased awareness of the profusion of this sanctuary dotted with flowering trees, gorgeous tropical flowers, canopied pathways, orchid alleys, peaceful ponds, enveloping guests in a sensuous world of enhanced awareness and profound relaxation.

The districts of Kaura, Galadimawa, Lokogoma, Apo/Gudu and Abuja as a whole will enjoy state of the art equipment’s, music and comedy; first class meals; internet services in an environment that is fully secured. Located close to the popular Sun City and Sunny Vale Estates, C-Palms Gardens offers friendly form duly blended with African charm, culture and tradition.


In this magical spot, care is taken to preserve and include the beauty of the natural environment in the planning and execution of this luxurious garden. It took three years to create, conceive and complete this magnificent piece of paradise where each architectural design, detail speaks to the senses, warm earthy colours, smooth surfaces, rich textures, subtle fragrances, and create sensuous aesthetics.

The success of C-Palms is the people who make it happen. We have first class professionals staff contributing their tradition to enhance the comfort of our guests. We emphasises on seclusion in this tropical yet undiscovered lavish sanctuary where it offers to a selected few a special blend of emotional comfort known as the Palms Experience. Here at C-palms, Customers are treated as kings and queens. Your one stop shop for entertainment and Relaxation.


Address: Plot 1160, B11, Kaura District, After Galadimawa Roundabout, along Lokogoma Road, Abuja


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