C-Palms is a full-service restaurant and Lounge. At C-Palms we run an exquisite restaurant, entrenched in a deep desire to promote mealtime luxury and comfort. We provide African and Continental cuisine, delicious cocktails and array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to the satisfaction of our esteemed customers. Our chefs are versed in diverse food and nutritional needs for fine dining as well as comfort.

Overlooking a water fountain and exquisite greenery, C-Palms lounge is aesthetically designed with elegant furnishing, stocked with assortments of exotic wine, spirits and cocktails to meet our customer’s best comfort and style. With highly trained professionals, we place the highest premium on service delivery and optimum comfort.

C-Palms bush bar is an enclosed, all exclusive bar for our customer delight to provide a relaxed atmosphere which will guarantee their comfort.

Address: Plot 1160, B11, Kaura District, After Galadimawa Roundabout, along Lokogoma Road, Abuja


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