Ife’s Closet ‘An Awkward Lady’ Collection takes inspiration from Issa Rae

Nigerian sister duo Titi and Tinuke Ukrinamemen unveil second collection ‘An Awkward Lady’ inspired by Issa Rae.


Nigerian sister duo Titi and Tinuke Ukrinamemen unveil second collection ‘An Awkward Lady’ inspired by Issa Rae.


The collection inspired by Issa Rae the author and creator of HBO Series ‘Insecure‘ features ready-to-wear vintage high fashion pieces from sister duo who made eternally feminine statement with prints.


The second collection from the Nigeria brand is already housed at The Kach Me If You Can showroom owned by US celebrity wardrobe stylist Kanayo Ebi was born after sisters; Titi andTinuke Ukrinamemen ‘encountered’ New York Times bestselling  memoir ‘The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl’ by Issa Rae.


The designs include classic solid print dresses, print pants, form fitting skirts, matching print sets, solid print shirt dress, print mini, flared and wrap skirts with a feminine nostalgic feeling attached to them.


The Story really resonated with us as we could read events that we went through and relate to her misgivings. This collection is an acceptance and celebration of our awkwardness, from the boyish Greta playsuit to the peak sleeves details on the Adanna dress. Instead of shying away from it , we celebrate it combined with our femininity” one part of the creative team Titi Ukrinamemen revealed the inspiration for the collection.


The designs are named in Adanna dress, Billie Cowrie dress, Glen pants, Iro Cowrie skirt, Alima dress, Anais dress, Nini Skirt, Greta playsuit, Simi stripped dress, Rei  waistcoat and more African themed names giving each piece its own (sort of) identity!



The collection is ‘effortlessly chic impressive’!


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