Maju Boutique

Maju is a raved online store to get trendy pieces at pocket-friendly prices at the moment but is the store all that?

The online store has been around for a while but rebranded recently and they’ve gotten impressive feedbacks. My first ever encounter with the Maju brand had to be at a Mente De Moda in 2014 (if I’m not mistaken). What struck me then was their chic designs and how reasonably priced they were back then and the pieces were not bad at all!


Fast forward years later, rebranding down, the website built/online portal activated and they are back with a bang with shopping party in tow! The brand relaunched and it’s been a release of chic designs by the dozens since then.

(Note that the brand also made shopping parties cool the first shopping party had a mini runway as guests snacked on finger foods and bubbly while shopping for the new collection.)

First, Maju filled a vacuum; providing chic, trendy pieces at reasonable prices for the ever willing shopper (not to mention the mean parties they throw to shop away), delivery is prompt and most times what you see is what you get- which is a great feature for an online fashion retailer.

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I’m doing some major damage in between writing this (their ‘Top Sellers’ and ‘New Arrivals’ sections are HOT with trendy pieces, the sales are hot as well but 95% of the pieces are gone already) Is this a cue to shop Maju?

With chic styling/presentation, desirable models sporting trendy pieces, the brand takes a cue from new trends and style to create pieces that fly off the rack at reasonable prices. It’s THE online shopping destination for style pieces at the moment if you ask me.

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Apart from me not crazy about some of the fabric choices, they sure are getting it, I would definitely love pieces crafted in more ‘weather friendly’ fabrics for sure, this would make most of the designs stand out right.

So a Maju shopping party? Oh yes! To actually shop Maju? But of course!

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