Abou and Fafa Album Launching



Abou and Fafa are Gambian household names known for their melodious music and sense of style. Music is not a passion but a way of life for this duo as they were brought up in an art-infested family. The Mbye family of Banjul for generations is renowned for their vocals and rhythmic command of the drum otherwise called “sabarr”. Therefore, Abou and Fafa are no novices to music and nature not nurture brought them this far. Born and raised in Banjul, the biological siblings have a shared interest in music and have passionately plied their craft by wooing audiences with their great acoustic and harmonious melodies. As much as they engulfed in the limelight that comes with show business, these two great artists are very private off stage and tend to spend a lot of time with family or at the studio refining their creative talent.


Their work is well represented on the local radio airwaves and internationally through satellite television. Abou and Fafa are prolific musicians with the ability to perform contemporary Senegambian pop otherwise called “Mbalax and yet still perform folklore or classical World music. This crossover ability accords them the opportunity to have a diverse fan base that spans across all demographic segments (Young and Old). Their discography is wide and covers a lot of societal issues.


Their talent has made them a magnet for established singers to request for a musical collaboration. To their credit, this duo has recorded hit collaborations with some of Senegambia’s biggest artists. Abou and Fafa’s musical interest is to preserve the legacy of the Mbye Family and propagate Gambian music and culture by performing to wider international audiences. The work ethic and discipline of this duo are stellar and they have burned many a midnight oil in studios fine-tuning their talents.


Details Of Their Album launching “SARGAL”

Venue: Jaama Hall – Kairaba Beach Hotel.

Date: Friday 24th February 2017.

Time: 8pm

Click to watch their life performance

Click to watch their life performance

Click to watch their life performance

Click to watch their life performance

Click to watch their Music Video

Click to watch their Music Video

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