Black Coffee opens up about his arm

Black Coffee is owning 2017 & there is no one more deserving, the DJ has been putting in a lot of work & he is finally reaping the benefits.

He is well known for playing his amazing sets with one hand & many people often wonder why?

There have been many rumors and the King of house is finally speaking about what happened to his other hand.

In an in-depth interview with Anele Mdoda, the DJ opened up about the accident that damaged his hand, “it happened on the eve of Nelson Mandela’s release, the whole country was going crazy & celebrating Mandela’s release, there were people singing outside my home so my gran & I decided to join them, at around 3 or 4 am, out of nowhere, I just heard a sound, it didn’t sound like a car bumping people, it sounded like someone was shooting.”

© Instagram

“The sound continued and everything went blank & then when I woke up, there was fire, there were people being rushed to the hospital & I was one of them, I was not clear on what was happening. When I arrived at the hospital, they could not figure out what was wrong with my arm, they just thought it was a minor fracture.” he added.

© Instagram

Black Coffee says that he was sent home soon after that while he was in a lot of pain, “the pain was crazy, it was really bad, a day later my gran sent me to go to the hospital in Durban & that is when I saw a specialist and found out that the nerves on my shoulder were damaged, the doctors told me that there is no life in my arm & that they might have to amputate it.”

Fortunately, his arm wasn’t completely damaged, the doctors told him it would take a bit of time for him to regain strength on it & he says that he now feels a bit of sensation on his arm but he is not phased by it not working ever again, “God put me in that space for a purpose, I can’t imagine myself ‘deejaying’ with two hands, I think I would suck.”


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