Priyanka Chopra shows the ‘desi thumka’ to the little ones in Africa

Priyanka Chopra has been on a whirlwind tour of South Africa and Zimbabwe lately as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, addressing the subject of sexual violence against children. On Monday, the actress took time off serious brainstorming to spend time with children in Johannesburg.

Priyanka later posted pictures and videos on her Instagram page where she is seen giving tips on the good old Bollywood thumka to the little ones.

“After they taught me their dance moves I showed them one of mine… it’s called the thumka,” @priyankachopra later tweeted. Snapshots also show Priyanka hugging groups of children as she prepares to leave.


The Bollywood star who will soon make her Hollywood debut as villain of the new Baywatch film, reminisced about how her African experience was a “throwback to where it all began 10 years ago” and thanked UNICEF for giving her “14 yrs of doing something that’s bigger than me”.

During her two-nation visit, Priyanka urged for awareness about sexual violence against children and increased support for victims. She also met several child survivors and heard their traumatic experiences.

“When I met these survivors, young brave women and children and listened to their experiences, it just broke my heart. I will never forget their stories,” s her as saying. Her first stop was Chitungwiza in Zimbabwe, where Priyanka met a 13-year-old girl who has been repeatedly raped by an uncle. The actress recalled the victim telling her how “powerless and betrayed” she felt.


Priyanka has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since December and a UNICEF India Ambassador for 10 years now.

Addressing the issue during her African visit, she noted: “As a society, it is on us to provide and take care of our children as citizens of the world, to educate children at a young age that it’s not okay to be inappropriately touched and that under-age sex can lead to unwanted teen pregnancy or HIV.”

During her stay in Zimbabwe, she also visited Childline Zimbabwe, the country’s 24-hour service for children who have been abused. Juggling her careers in Bollywood and Hollywood along with carrying on with her duty as a UNICEF ambassador has made Priyanka quite a globetrotter.


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