Get Your Suits Out: The Classic Man is Coming To Town

The Classic Man is coming to Nairobi. The sharp dresser, singer, and rapper with geographic connections ranging from Nigeria to New York, Jidenna Mobisson combines elements of Hip-Hop with R&B to create his own signature sound which he calls Swank. As always, Kenyans on social media (particularly #KOT) have been thrown into a frenzy by the number of international acts that have been jetting in recently. This one, however, is definitely head and shoulders above the rest. The Grammy-Nominated, Platinum-Selling ‘A Little Bit More’ singer is bringing his WHOLE band with him to Nairobi for the 3rd Edition of the FOMO Party, going down at the Carnivore Restaurant, Langata. It will be the Nigerian-born artiste’s first visit to East Africa, with him having performed in SA and Nigeria during his ‘Long Live The Chief’ tour where he was promoting his similarly titled debut album. Jidenna on his own is already an awesome performer, but backed by his whole band – this is going to be epic! Get Your Suits Out: The Classic Man is Coming To Town! Alongside him will be a host of Kenyan acts and DJs to keep the party going. Hitmaker Nyashinski will be performing live on stage. The DJ lineup includes heavyweights like Joe Mfalme, KACE The African Mzungu, Xclusive and UV. The MC for the event will be The Reverend Shaffie Weru alongside Kenya’s Number One Hypeman, DNG. The third edition of the FOMO Party aims to reposition Kenya as East Africa’s entertainment hub by bringing global artists to Nairobi. Tickets are available at the MiTicket website (Click Here). Get Your Suits Out: The Classic Man is Coming To Town!



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