DJ Khaled says he was “sabotaged” after being booed off stage at the Electric Daisy Festival in Las Vegas.

The producer was scheduled to perform for an hour but reportedly only lasted 20 minutes.

He’d already turned up late and fans vented their anger at him calling for Yellow Claw, the next DJ, to take over.

Khaled said it wasn’t his fault though, and hit out at organisers in an Instagram post, blaming technical difficulties for sound issues.

The musician said: “They cut my time short and they had me back stage for a hour and half and the sound kept breaking.”

However, some fans disputed his account.




In another Instagram post, video shows DJ Khaled arguing with an organiser before launching into a version of 2Pac’s classic California Love.

He captioned the post: “They tried to sabotage my sound. I still stood on stage wit no sound, and when they got the sound to work they want cut my set short.

“I knew my California and Vegas fans was in the building. They don’t want us to win so we win more for there head top. It’s all luv thoe .. love is the key.. I forgive them … love is always the answer!”

Video from one fan shows Khaled talking to the crowd and explaining that he’d driven two days to get to the festival to perform for fans.

Canadian producer Deadmau5 couldn’t help having a go at DJ Khaled, mocking his excuses on Twitter.


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