Weight loss: Abuja residents adopt trendy “Ketogenic’’ lifestyle


  • Weight loss: Abuja residents adopt trendy “Ketogenic’’ lifestyle
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A cross section of residents in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), on Thursday said they have adopted the Ketogenic lifestyle to manage their weight.

Ketogenic lifestyle is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet quickly gaining ground among populace to burn fats and manages weight.

Some of the residents said that trendy lifestyle was the best alternative to loose and manage weight effectively and healthy.

Mrs Pamela Adegoke, a civil servant said she was `talked into’ adopting the Keto lifestyle due to health reasons.

“I had developed some health condition that was affecting me, so my doctor advised me to change the kind of food I ate to stabilise my health and my daughter told me about ketogenic.”

“Even though the ketogenic lifestyle is expensive to maintain, I do not regret engaging in it as it has reduced my weight and helped to improve my health according to my doctor,” she added.

Similarly, Mrs Nneka Obianaju, a mother of five said the lifestyle had enabled her to reduce weight gained during pregnancy and post-partum.

“I adopted the lifestyle five months ago, and I have reduced all the weight I gained while pregnant.


“It has even made me look younger, my skin now glows and I receive compliments from my husband and people around on my improved look,” Obianaju said.

On his part, Mr Francis Chibuzor, a business man said he had to adopt the lifestyle to improve his sexual life.

“I had gained a lot of weight, which was affecting my sexual libido and my relationship with my wife.

“Someone introduced me to keto diet, which I have been able to adhere to and has improved our bedroom relationship with my wife, health and looks,” he said.

Mrs Joyce Emmanuel, a teacher and mother of two, said she had to quickly change her diet to shed weight and save her marriage.

“My weight had always been a problem for me since when I was single and before motherhood.

“I had engaged in several weight management stuff, exercises and drugs, but I was still fat, which gradually affected my marriage.

“But I have been able to reduce and still working on my weight with the encouragement and support of my family and friends and it’s working,” she added.

She therefore, advised the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve their health, relationships and to live longer.

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