Daniel Ugochukwu Effi aka BADDEST RASTA LIKKLE DANNY in Lagos, Ajegunle Nigeria in 1979. Likkle Danny was introduced to Reggae Music at an early age by his elder brother Pupa Dutch and Daddy Cosy in the early 90s. It was the late 80´s & early 90´s Dancehall style that gave Likkle Danny the most influence. So he began to write lyrics and started practicing his unique voice and his versatile singing styles. His parents didn’t want him to be a singer until they saw and heard him on a live show. From this day on they couldn’t ignore his talent anymore. In the late nineties, Likkle Danny started his musical career were by Dancehall and Reggae was really hot and tough in Nigeria. With the futures of Raskimono, Majecfashek, Daniel Willson, Blacky Dady Showkey, Dady Fresh, Isaac Black, Orits Wiliky and much more. In this time there was a lot of competition on the local dance stages where Likkle Danny lyrically killed many artists. In Nigeria Likkle Danny worked with local Producers and Artists and made some Albums with a more Nigerian-influenced style singing in a Nigerian Patois called Ajegunle pidgin english followed by some hit tunes like Anyway, Shoko Blow Blow Blow & Erema.  Likkle Danny left his motherland in 2000 to visit Jamaica to grow his musical spiritually. After that time he moved to Europe. In Germany Likkle Danny fastly met other artists from all over the world so he started to work with many different artists from Europe now Based in Germany. At the moment he team up with Vybz Cru /Armageddon Sound to bring his voice to the people. Soon the slow and spiritual song „ Zion” with a riddim by Alpha Gibbs was released on „Vybz Cru Records”. and instantly that became a big hit. Likkle Danny is currently working with different producers to collect songs for an album to release in early 2016. Now am coming out with a big bang Single

Now am coming out with a big bang Single title SHEKERE DANCE ( TURN UP )SHEKERE DANCE ( TURN UP )



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