Chux Siano AKA Siano Thunder Biography

Siano Thunder, born Charles Chukwuweike Otunyo, , was raised in the “melting pot” of Lagos, Nigeria. From a very early age, he was greatly inspired by music and it has helped shape and strengthen his soul and character. He was especially influenced by big reggae artists such as Anthony B and Buju Banton. His highly conscious lyrics are based upon his own life experiences and observations of daily life, mostly rooted in his deep spiritual beliefs as a Rastafarian. Siano wasn’t born Rastafarian; however, he favoured the personal calling as the culture was extremely relative with his idealistic outlook in that he just wanted everyone to be happy.
He solely released his first blazing track, “Jah Be My Light” in 2007 and he continues to produce all of his material via his own “Zion Boi Sounds” system. Siano Thunder has performed at many live stage shows in his native Nigeria, with amazing compositions such as “Jah Jah Blessings,” “Shine Your Light,” “Good Love,” “Cry,” “Crush” and “Show Some Love.”
Siano Thunder’s passion of love for Unity amongst people regardless of tribe, race or community pushes him forward in his endeavours to reach all souls and gift love to humanity and heal the wounded, via his tunes.

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