Why I dedicate my life to music promotion — Emeka Ojukwu


According to Music Africa Awake reporter:

Prince Emeka Ojukwu is the founder of Music Africa Awake, an organization that is ready to take Africa music to another level through cultural exchange, interaction, concerts and music promotion all over Africa.

He recently revealed to Friday Treat that part of the objectives of Music Africa Awake is to preserve and promote the dignity and values of African cultural heritage. “We are really doing our best in this regard as most of the things currently going on in Southern Africa music in relation to Nigerian music is our brainchild”

Again, he continued, “We promote African musical shows and entertainment through the continent and this is also yielding positive results”

As the current chairman of Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria, Southern Africa chapter, he hopes that more still need to be done to foster a good relationship in the music industry through collaboration and partnership with every sector of the economy across Africa.

On why setting up an office for Music Africa Awake in Nigeria now, he said, “It is better to be late than never. This is my country and I think we also need to benefit from the revolution going on in music all over Africa, this prompts our coming to the country”


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